One on one sessions with athletes and performers are excellent ways to delve deeper into the mental aspects of sport. Programs are specifically tailored to meet the athlete’s individual needs. Initial sessions typically last 60-90 minutes and are a time to discuss what the athletes goals are from mental training and why they are motivated to achieve their potential in sport. This is also a time to determine if the athlete-consultant relationship is an appropriate fit. Following the initial session, meetings typically continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and last 30-60 minutes.


Dynamic group sessions are appropriate for a wide variety of sport teams or groups of performers, including business teams who are looking for increased cohesion and productivity in the workplace. Initial meetings with coaches and/or leaders, which typically last 60-90 minutes, will examine where the team is currently at in order to develop a program specific to the needs of the group. Programs are designed to consist of presentations, workshops, and discussions around several mental skills topics the group is looking to improve upon. These 30-60 minute topics include the following: